The Trinity Historical Society (THS) thanks the following institutions and individuals for their valuable assistance and contribution to this project.

-           Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) through the Partnership Contribution Program which is administered through the VACís Canada Remembers Program for their financial support for this project. The funding from this program has made it  possible for the creation of this virtual exhibit and to be able to digitize and make available to the public information that would not otherwise be available.

-           Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, Government of  Newfoundland and Labrador for their assistance through the Regional Sectoral  Diversification Fund. The funding received from this program allowed us to hire  an additional person to assist with project research, development of educational materials and translation of the site into French. Thanks to Adrian Power, Economic Development Officer, for his assistance with this program.

-           The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Advisory Council members for their  assistance, direction and support of the project especially Captain Gary Browne, Chair; Lt. Col. Aubrey Halfyard, Chair of the Regimental Museum Committee; Captain Michael Pretty, Adjutant/Family Support Officer; Dr. David Parsons, Military Historian and Major Jim Lynch.

-           The Rooms, Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador: Greg Walsh, Director and Sandra Ronayne, Archives Technician I, for their assistance in obtaining the photographs from the various collections and all of the staff at the Reference Desk who have been very valuable to us in the gathering of research material for the creation of this site.          

-           Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Manuscripts and Archives Division, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador: Linda White, Archivist and other reference desk staff for their assistance.

-           CBC Radio, St. Johnís: Christine Davies, Associate Producer Ė Music Library and Archives for the assistance in providing us with an audio file of an interview from 1976 with a veteran of World War One.

-           Kevin Major, author and playwright, for No Manís Land for permission to use excerpts of his book and play in the development of the commemoration section of this virtual exhibit.

-           Rising Tide Theatre, commissioners of the play No Manís Land, its Artistic and Executive Director, Donna Butt for permission to use excerpts of the play and photographs.

-           Department of Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for assisting us with the development of the educational resources for this project.

To all other archives, museums and individuals that we have met in person or through email or telephone who have graciously lent or sent us items relating to the First World War thank you very much for sharing your artifacts, documents, photographs and family stories with us, your assistance has been very much appreciated and without your involvement the site would not have been possible.

We hope that you enjoy the site.

Jim Miller                                                                                 Dean Bailey
Project Coordinator                                                                  IT Specialist
Trinity Historical Society Inc.                                                    Trinity Historical Society Inc.

Neal Tremblett                                                                         Paul Power
Translator                                                                                 Translator

Crystal Bailey                                                                           Hazel Janes
Education Development Specialist                                             Research Assistant

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