While there were many battles during the First World War the one that had the most impact on Newfoundland was the Battle of the Somme that took place at Beaumont Hamel on July 1, 1916. It was during this battle that 801 men went over the top and the next day only 68 were able to answer the roll call, all others were either killed, missing or wounded. This loss had a huge impact on almost every single community and family in Newfoundland who may have lost a son, father, brother or other male relative. That day Newfoundland lost a generation of young men who would have become this province’s future leaders and businessmen.

On that first day alone the British Army lost nearly 60,000 men out of the 120,000 that climbed out of their trenches to face the battle field. The fighting began on July 1, 1916 and lasted until November 18, 1916.

In this section of the site you will be given an overall synopsis of the lead up to the Battle of the Somme, the fight itself and the aftermath. These stories will be told through various articles, letters and photographs as well as audio and video clips from those who survived that day.



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