To remember those that paid the supreme sacrifice during war and to hopefully prevent a repetition of another world war we are now taught the consequences of war through our history studies in school and through remembrance ceremonies. This part of the virtual exhibit will hopefully be another learning resource tool for teachers and students to learn about the Battle of the Somme, the role of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and how we can now commemorate those that died for our freedom.

The lessons and activities that follow have been developed using the curriculum outcomes as developed by the Department of Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for their Social Studies programs however they are generally applicable to all Social Studies programs. These activities have been developed for all grade levels as well as for those that have an interest in anything related to World War I. For further information on this topic please also consult our links section of the site. Enjoy the activities and be sure to send us your feedback.

Please note that researchers, teachers and students are authorized to use, modify, reproduce and distribute these resources for the benefit of the classroom or research purposes only.

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