A Motherís Prayer

Our Father which art in heaven,
Who did'st send Thy Son most dear
To die upon the Cross of Calvary,
Listen to a motherís prayer.
Thou who knowest all our heart aches
And sees everything we do,
Protect my boy who is now absent
Where I know not, but you do.

He has volunteered for service
And has sailed across the sea
To give his all, to uphold justice,
To help set all nations free.
Millions more are also with him,
Millions more of mothers sons.
God of all do thou watch oíer them
And protect them everyone.

Protect out dear ones in the Navy,
As they sail upon the sea
Through perilous mine infested waters
In search of the enemy.
Be Thou with them in their battles
Fighting on the mighty waves.
If it is Thy Will, Lord, spare them
From a dark and watery grave.

Keep those brave lads who are flying,
Let Thy light shine from above.
Guide them on their dangerous mission
As they fight for those they love.
Every hour do thou be near them.
May they put their trust in Thee,
Hear that still small voice that whispers
Christian soldier follow Me.

Be with them in all their dangers,
Where so ever they may be:
In the air, on land, on ocean
Or craft beneath the sea.
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Foresters,
Every absent mothers son,
On my knees dear Lord I ask Thee,
To remember every one.

Guard our soldiers who are fighting
In some far-off distant land.
If my own boy fall in battle
Help me Lord to understand.
Give me strength to be stout hearted,
Help me as the days go by
To feel proud; he was a soldier
And was not afraid to die.

Oh how well do I remember
When he was a little boy
How I used to sit and watch him
As he played there with his toys.
I can fancy I still see him
As I use to long ago
Kneeling down, Lord, by his bedside
Asking Thee to make him good.

But the years have flown so quickly,
And to-night that son of mine
Is a soldier and is fighting
To help liberate mankind,
In a war by far the bloodiest
This old world has ever known.
To-night my baby is on duty
Many, many miles from home

He may be on some field of battle,
May be on the might deep,
So dear Lord I kneel before Thee
Ere I lay me down to sleep
And I ask Thee to watch oíer him
Where so ever he may be.
If it is Thy Will, Lord, spare him
Send him safely back to me.

If I never more shall see him,
Give me strength to bear my cross.
I shall know that he died fighting
For a good and noble cause
Help me when the war is over
And the victory is won
To feel proud I was the mother
Of a brave and gallant son.

Thereíll be many fond embraces
As each mother greets her own,
When all the lights go on again
And the boys come marching home.
There will also be brave daughters
Marching with that noble band.
Many a mother will have her dear one
Sleeping in some far-off land.

Lord I pray Thee bless each mother
Whose brave ones are far away.
Bless their sons and bless their daughters,
Be with them both night and day.
Help them Lord when they are tempted,
Ever let them feel Thee near.
Grant that they may do whatís right, Lord,
Is each and every motherís prayer.

J. Jones,
7 Pleasant Street

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