Regimental Catechism

The Regimental Catechism is a series of questions and answers which are expected to be memorized by new recruits. At any time during training, a member of the staff may ask one of these questions to a trainee. If the proper response is not known, fatigues may be given. Fatigues include things such as being chosen for guard duty, cleaning pots or other minor duties. A physical activity may also be assigned, such as push-ups. In this case, the staff member who assigns the exercise will do them as well. This is to help prevent seeing exercise as a punishment, but rather as an extra element of training.

The following questions are a selection from the Catechism. The questions are selected to ensure the solider knows some of the more important traditions and accomplishments of the unit.

      1)         Where is the headquarters of the first battalion?
                        A: St. John’s, NL

2)                  Where is the headquarters of the second battalion?
      A: Corner Brook, NL

3)                  Who is the present Colonel-in-Chief?
      A: The Princess Royal, Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne

4)                  What are the two Regiments allied to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment?
      A: The Royal Scots, First of Foot, Scotland and the Royal New South
           Wales Regiment, New South Wales, Australia.

5)                  What was the first Regular unit recruited in Newfoundland?
      A: The 84th of Foot, Royal Highland Emmigrants.

6)                  What is the Regimental drink?
      A: Drambuie

7)         What is the date of the proclamation which we take as the birthday of the         
                  A: 29 April 1795.

8)            What is the Regimental toast?
            A: Bloody Decks!

9)            Who invented the first gas mask?
            A: Maj (Dr) Cluny MacPherson, Regimental Surgeon, World War I

10)        How many persons answered the roll call after the battle of Beaumont Hamel?
            A: 68 out of 801 (710 killed, wounded or missing)

11)        For which battle was the unit re-instated with the title “Royal” in World War I?
            A: Cambrai.

12)        Who won the only Victory Cross awarded to the Regiment, the youngest          
       ever at the time?
            A: Pte. (later Sergeant) Tommy Ricketts.

13)        What is the Regimental Quick March?
            A: The Banks of Newfoundland.

14)        What is the Regimental Slow March?
            A: The Garb of Old Gaul.

15)        Name the officer who captured the American Fort Prairie du Chien during        
       the War of 1812, and give his age.
            A: Captain Andrew Bulger, 25 years old.

16)        What is the battle honour flown by the Regiment which no other Canadian        
       unit has?
            A: Gallipoli.

17)        Which city, formerly known as York, has a monument to the Regiment in          
        recognition of their defence of it during the War of 1812?
            A: Toronto.

18)        What were the two nicknames of the first contingent of the Regiment in World War I?
            A: The Blue Puttees or the First Five Hundred.

19)        Why did the Regiment have field pieces for a time, the only Canadian    
       infantry unit ever to hold them?
            A: The Regiment amalgamated with the 166th (Nfld) Royal Artillery, and           
                 took their guns.

20)        What is the unofficial motto of the Regiment?
            A: Better than the Best!

Source: Crowther, Dr. David Facey (editor). Better Than the Best: The Royal Newfoundland Regiment, 1795 – 1995.


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