The below are numbers that were collected to the end of March 1919 concerning the Regiment after the war was over. These numbers will give you an idea of the number of people that lost their lives in the war, were casualties or prisoners of war.


Number of men discharged from Royal Newfoundland Regiment, which includes men discharged medically unfit and disabilities contracted while on Active Service, and also under demobilization regulations.                                                                                  


Number of Officers retired and placed on the Reserve of Officers                                  79

Number of Officers relinquished their commissions in Regiment                                      5

Number of Officers resigned                                                                                         6

Transferred to other Units                                                                                             3

Attached from Regiment to Other Units                                                                         6

Dismissed                                                                                                                     1____

Casualties of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Total Record of deaths (all ranks)

Killed in Action                                                                                                            564

Died of Wounds                                                                                                           244

Missing Presumed Dead                                                                                               270

Died of Disease                                                                                                            148

Drowned                                                                                                                      2

Accidentally Killed                                                                                                        3

Suicide                                                                                                                         1___

Missing not yet accounted for                                                                                        18

Number of Officers and Men wounded which include Officers and Men
wounded several times                                                                                                  2314

Record of Prisoners of War

Number of Officers& Men taken prisoners by the Enemy                                              174

Number of Prisoners of War repatriated to England                                                       145

Died as Prisoners of War in Enemyís hand                                                                    29__

Total Numbers

Total number of Men (all ranks) accepted Royal Newfoundland Regiment
for Service Overseas                                                                                                    6277

Total number enlisted in Great Britain and accepted for Service in Royal
Newfoundland Regiment                                                                                               61

Commissioned in Great Britain                                                                                     1___

Total number of Men rejected as medically unfit for Service in the Regiment                  6184   

Total number of Men offered for Service                                                                      12,523

Total number of Men embarked for Overseas from Newfoundland                                4984

Total number of Officers and Men who proceeded from United Kingdom
to Theatre of War        

A) 38 Officers and 1140 Other Ranks served in Gallipoli                                               1178
B) 105 Officers and 4108 Other Ranks served in France or Belgium                              4253

Source: MG 439, Box 1, File 2. The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. Johnís, NL         


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