1st Nfld. Regiment Causality List.

Official Causality List Received 9 p.m., July 7, 1916.

Second Lieutenant Clifford H. O. Jupp, Pulsborough Sussex, England. Killed in action July 1.

Lieut. R. Grant Paterson, Queen’s Road. Arrived 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsowrth. Gunshot wound, thumb.

1983- Private Patrick W. Foran, Grand Falls. At Fourth London Hospital. Shell shock, slight.

450- Private John. C. Edwards, Pennywell Road. Arrived Royal Victoria Hospital Netley. Gunshot wound, severe, head.

1496- Private John D. Hibbs, Topsail. Arrived Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. Gunshot wound, severe, thigh.

1640- Private Frederick J. Lewis, Pennywell Road. Arrived Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. Gunshot wound shoulder, severe.

1096 - Private George Dullanty, Forest Road. Arrived Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. Gunshot wound, shoulder, severe.

Received 6 p.m. July 7th

Following admitted 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth:-

357- Private Richard F. Fleming, 192 Water St. West. Shell shock,

14- C.Q.M.S. George Langmead, 294 Water Street. Gunshot wound, severe, thorax.

All Gunshot Wounds:-

1623- Private Edward Butt, Petrie’s Crossing. Wounded, left foot.

1552- Private Doyle Curtis, Badger, N.D.B. Wounded, left foot.

264- Private Albert Mercer, Bell Island, C.B. Wounded, left foot.

729- Private Corbett Pittman, New Perlican. Wounded, right hand.

1542- Private James F. Allen, Curling. Wounded legs.

800- Private Joseph P. Vaughan, Leslie Street. Wounded legs.

1911- Private Gilbert Patey, Big Braha. Wounded legs.

805- Private Michael P. Murphy, 20 Buchanan St. Wounded, left leg.

248- Private Albert N. Hooper, Port au Port. Wounded, left leg.

98- Private James Cooper, 23 Brennan St. Wounded, left leg.

42- Private William W. Richards. 35 Pennywell Road. Wounded, left leg.

13 - Private Robert C. Grieve, 24 Monkstown Road. Wounded, left leg.

1477- Private Norman K. Dean. Botwood. Wounded, left leg.

182- Sergt. Charles F. Garland, 44 Carter’s Hill. Wounded, left leg and right side.

607- Private Joseph Daymond, 26 Victoria Street. Wounded, left shoulder and fractured lower jaw.

1454- L. Corp. Archelaus Northcott, Lewisporte. Wounded, right leg.

936- Private Charles H. Ellis, Summer St. Wounded, right leg.

775- Private Andrew Coady, 29 Job’s Street. Wounded, right leg.

971- L. Corp. Thomas G. Mahoney. Conception Hr. Wounded right leg.

26- Private William E. West. 30 Angel Place. Wounded, right leg.

1666- Private Thomas Heath, Botwood. Wounded, right leg.

27- Private Earnest Kelly, 17 Gear Street. Wounded, right wrist.

136- Private Thomas P. Janes, McFarlane St. Wounded, left hand.

1556- Private Walter A. Tobin,  St. John’s. Wounded, left hip.

1190- Private Albert Noseworthy, Water Street, Harbour Grace. Wounded right shoulder.

1055- Private Patrick Green, Point Verde. Wounded, right shoulder and back.

830- Private Brendan Sinnott, 26 Rennie’s Mill Rd. Wounded, right shoulder and neck.

1390- Private Mark Wiseman, Trinity. Wounded, both arms and back.

1251- Private Silas Edgecombe, Ochre Pit Cove, Bay de Verde. Wounded, left knee.

1318- Private Alan G. Steele, Northern Bay. Wounded, right thigh and foot.

906- L. Corp. George L. Presise, Devonshire, England. Wounded, left buttock.

867- Private Arthur Manuel, Botwood. Wounded, right arm.

1505- Private Edward G. Haines, Jamestown, B.B. Wounded, right knee.

1366- Private Reginald Masters, Harbour Buffett. Wounded, right knee.

1487- Private Sylvester Golding, Gambo. Wounded, right knee

1482- Private Gideon H. Lane, Jamestown B.B. Wounded, right knee.

1022- Private Daniel Curran. 6 Hutching’s Street. Wounded, left arm.

231- Private Leonard T. Rendell, Fogo. Wounded, left arm and shoulder.

735- Private George M. Williams, Pouch Cove. Wounded, left arm and neck.

161- Corp. Frank Walsh. Holyrood. Wounded, right cheek.

780- Private William T. Power, 66 A Pleasant Street. Wounded, right ear.

614- Private William Small, Farmer’s Arm, N.D.B. Wounded, back.

1957- Private Austin J. Wagg, Beaver Cove, Fogo. Wounded, neck, should, and head.

1041- Private Elial P. Gore. Burgeo. Wounded, left ankle..

1051- Private Thomas J. Goose, Torbay. Wounded, right thigh.

1445- Private Charles Gillingham, Ochre Pit Cove. Bay de Verde. Wounded, head.

1383- Private Joseph Noseworthy, 42 Hayward Avenue. Wounded, right foot.

1628- Private William F. Wiseman, 5 Lime St. Wounded, right foot.

203- Private William Keats, 47 Goodview St. Wounded, right side.

700- Private Frederick D. Bastow, 9 Cook Street. Wounded, left eye.

821- L. Corp. James A. Taylor, Cook’s Town Road. Wounded, flesh upper extremities, slight.

678- Private Ralph Kennedy, 266 Water Street. Wounded, compound fracture tibia.

350- L. Corp. John Luff, Exploits. Wounded, fracture lower jaw.

1129- Private Hedley Taylor, South Side. Wounded, right leg and left arm.

Note: Owing to the length of this list, all of the casualties reported are not of a serious nature, the individual notifications to next of kin have been dispensed with. In order to admit of its publication as early as possible.

J. R. Bennett
Colonial Secretary.


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