The below is the first list of causalities that came in after the Battle of the Somme started on July 1, 1916. Little did people know when this list was published that it was much worse, as would be found out days and weeks later, as the lists continued to appear in  the daily papers, The Daily News and The Evening Telegram, for the next several weeks. Families were no doubt on pins and needles every day when the newspapers came out as they read it to see if any of their loved ones showed up on the list of the dead, missing or wounded.


1st Nfld. Regiment
Causality List

Killed in Action, July 1st

Captain Eric S. Ayre, St. Johnís
Lieut. Fred C. Mellor, Kentville, N.S

Lieut. Hubert C. Herder, Rennie's Mill Road
Lieut. Richard. A. Shortall, Waterford Bridge Road.
2nd Lieut. Gerald W. Ayre, Circular Road
2nd Lieut. John R. Ferguson, 67 Springdale Street
2nd Lieut. William T. Ryall, 40 Hayward Avenue
2nd Lieut. R. Wallace Ross, Victoria Street

Reported Missing
2nd Lieut. Wilfred D. Ayre, Waterford Bridge Road
2nd Lieut. Robert Bruce Reid, St. Johnís N.F
2nd Lieut. Clifford Rendell, Duckworth Street
2nd Lieut. George H. Taylor, 5 Maxse Street

Reported Wounded
Lieut. Col. William H. Franklin, England
Hon. Capt. M. Frank Summers, Water Street
Lieut. Stan Robertson, Longís Hill.

Source: The Evening Telegram, July 1916

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