1st Nfld. Regiment Casualty List

Received at 3 p.m. July 6

2nd Lieut. C. Bertram Dicks 29 Flower's Hill. At 8th Red Cross Hospital, Paris, July 4. Gunshot wounds in both thighs; serious.

2nd Lieut. Henry George Hicks, Carmenville, T.B. At 3rd London, General Hospital, Wandsworth. Now officially reported wounded in shoulder.

2nd Lieut. Kenneth G. Goodyear, Grand Falls. At 3rd London General Hospital , Wandsowrth. Now officially reported wounded in arm.

2nd Lieut. William V. Warren, 231 South Side. At 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth. Gunshot wound, fractured leg.

1347- Private Ellias Luff, Campbellton, N.D.B. Seriously ill, 6th General Hospital, Rouen, July 3rd. Gunshot wound, head.

492- Private Archibald Coombs, Upper Island Cove. Seriously ill, July 4th, 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital Boulogne. Wounded in right leg.

650- Private Alexander J. Myler, 13 Adelaide Street. Dangerously ill, 13th Stationary Hospital, Boulogne. July 5th. Gunshot wound, chest.

Received at 6 p.m.

697- Private Bert Jackman. 33 Angel Place. Died of shell wounds right side. 1st General Hospital, Etretat. July 5.

1896- Private William Newburry, 77 Pennywell Road. Seriously ill, gunshot wound, head. King George Hospital, London.

450-Private John. C. Edwards, Pennywell Road. Seriously ill, gunshot wound, head. July 6.

1670- Private Thomas Higgins, Catalina. Dangerously ill. 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth. Gunshot wound, left tibia.

Received at 9 p.m.

Following just arrived at 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth. All gunshot wounds- none serious.

693- Private John A. Walsh, ďLimevilleĒ Signal Hill Road.  Wounded left arm.

1515-Private Hayward Jennings. Moretonís Harbour, N.D.B. Wounded, left arm.

1332- Private James Adams, 23 Scott St. Wounded left arm.

1043- Private Richard J. Roach. Lime St. Wounded, left arm.

384 - L. Corp William Cleary, 3 Lower Battery. Wounded, left arm.

1214- Private Dugald S. Reid, 50 Charlton St. Wounded, left arm and knee.

777- Private Harold J. Andrews, 80 McFarlane St. Wounded, left foot.

1884- Private Andrew N. Goobie, 1 Brazilís Square. Wounded, left foot.

35- L. Corp. John  J. Sheehan, 2 Huntís Lane. Wounded left foot.

429- Private Eugene Cornect, Cape St. George, Wounded, left foot.

123- Private Bernard Ryan, 195 New Gower St. Wounded, abdomen.

842- Private William P. Dalton, 46 Pleasant St. Wounded abdomen.

1171- Private William Viguers, Bay Bulls Rd. Wounded right leg and neck.

1575- Private William John Hefford, New Hr. T.B. Wounded right leg.

1200- Private Michael Power, Port Rexton, T.B. Wounded right leg.

132- Private Frank G. Gough. 14 Clifford St. Wounded right leg. 

387- L. Corp. James Lambert. 14 Colonial St. Wounded right leg.

1503- Private William Elgar, Pouch Cove, Wounded right foot.

846- Private George W. Mcwhorter, Humbermouth. Wounded left leg.

1641- Private William Pollett, New Harbour, T.B. Wounded left leg. 

752- Private William Buckley, 6 James St. Wounded, left foot.

937- Private George McF. Gulliver, 62 Alexander St. Wounded, left foot.

1340- Private Augustus Dawson, Spaniardís Bay. Wounded left foot.

256-Private Albert E. Metcalf, Pilleyís Island. Wounded, left foot.

1263- Private Joseph Shelley. Ladle Cove. Wounded, left foot.

1691- Private Thomas Miles, Bay LíArgent, F.B. Wounded, left foot.

1197- Private George E. Hampton. Portland, B.B. Wounded left foot.

1451- Private Lewis Northcott, Lewisporte. Wounded left foot.

770- Private Peter F. Bennett, 24 Field St. Wounded left foot.

317- Sergt. George J. Winslow, 96 Circular Rd. Wounded, back and arm.

1506- Private Garland Greening, Musgravetown, B.B. Wounded, chest and scalp.

610-Private William Yetman, Brookfield, B.B. Wounded right arm.

1492- Private Hector Moss, Jamestown, B.B. Wounded, right arm.

191- Private Hubert F. Burridge, Merrymetting Rd. Wounded right arm.

1199- Private Joshua Short, New Bonaventure, T.B. Wounded, right arm.

1172- Private Ronald H. House. Catalina. Wounded, right arm.

1817- Private Hugh J. McDonald, Campbellís Creek, Port au Port. Wounded, right arm.

1284- Private Charles Leary, Brigus C.B. Wounded, right arm.

269- L. Corp. James Carter, Stephenville Crossing. Wounded, right arm.

1488- Private Ralph Nardini, Main River, St. George. Wounded right arm.

1365- Private Edward N. Keough, 14 Chapel St. Wounded, right arm.

877- Corp. George  T. Duncan, Waterford Bridge Rd. Wounded right thigh, compound fracture arm.

1304- Private Fred. P. Coxworthy Freshwater Rd. Wounded right wrist.

755- Private James Dempster, Waterford Bridge Rd. Wounded back.

1118- Private Harry Rowe, 72 Cabot St. Wounded back.

695- Private James J. Gear, 7 Flower Hill. Wounded back.

376- Private William J. Neville, 39 Young St. Wounded, back.

765- Private James F. Boland, 126 Duckworth St. Wounded, chest and back.

1591 - Private Henry West, Musgrave Hr. Wounded, right hand.

815- Private Arthur Cummings, 85 Longís Hill. Wounded head and arm. 

34- L. Corp. Ralph B. Herder. 40 Rennieís Mill Rd. Wounded nose.

18- Corp. Wm. Trebble, 11 Knight St. Wounded, right shoulder.

76- E. Corp. William Roost, 26 James St. Wounded, right shoulder.

1548- Private Ebenezer Kenneth, Western Bay. Wounded right shoulder.

1302- Private John McNaughron, Blair Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland. Wounded left thigh.

1458- Private Georgee A. Madore, Bay of Islands. Wounded left thigh.

797- L. Corp. Frederick Seymour Liskcard, Cornwell, Eng. Wounded right leg and hand.

1231- Private James J. McGrath, 30 Central St. Wounded legs.

1781- Private Bertram F Brown, 26 Belvidere Street. Wounded chest.

210- L. Corp. Robert Clare, 34 Codnerís Lane. Wounded chest.

189- Private John Lewis, Montgomeryshire. Wounded chest.

1662- Private Herbert Strong, Clarenville. Wounded head.

718- Private James J. Burke, 27 Livingstone St. Wounded left wrist.

218- Private Harrison Moores, Mundy Pond Rd. Wounded left knee.

128- Private Thomas B. McGrath, Clarenville. Wounded, left shoulder.

386 - L. Corp. Thomas W. Wyatt, 202 New Gower St. Wounded, neck.

1811- Private John Ash, Hantís Hr. T.B. Wounded face.

97- Private William G. Dawe, 60 New Gower St. Wounded right hand.

1087- Private Leo Fennell, Bay du Nord, F.B. Wounded right hand

1173- Private Richard H. White. St. Georgeís Wounded left side.

1407- Private George Cormey, Codroy. Wounded right hip.

1585- Private James M. Cron, Hr. Grace. Wounded right hip.

710 - Private Matthew Collins, Placentia. Wounded, right hip.

1598- Private William A. Luff, Exploits, N.D.B. Wounded right foot.

950- Private Frederick A. Lewis, 16 Colonial St. Wounded right buttock.

853- Private Francis E. LeMessurier, Masonic Terrace. Wounded left hip.

1710- Private John F. Power, Fox Cove, F.B. Wounded right arm and left leg.

239- Private Selby Clark. Whitbourne. Wounded right jaw.

42- Private Frank G. Best, 4 Hagerty St. Wounded right thigh

100- Private William T. Gellately, 52 Patrick St. Wounded right thigh.

1551- Private Joseph Doran. Trepassey. Wounded right arm.

1164- Private George Phillips, Whitbourne. Wounded right hand and left ear.

1198- Private Cyril Sceviour, Exploits. Wounded legs.

265- Private William J. Somerton, Bell Island, C.B. Wounded legs.

860- Private Daniel S. Costello, Hr. Main. Wounded left hand.

1374- L. Corp. Arthur C. White, Catalina. Wounded right ear and shoulder.

749- Private Edward Mansfield, 110 New Gower St. Wounded cheek.

147- L. Corp. Charles J. Renouf, 159 New Gower St. Wounded right shoulder and left knee.

367- Private Jack Squires. 11 Lime St. Wounded thighs.

---- Temple Wounded thighs.

459- Private Stan F. Crotty, Battery Rd. Wounded thighs.

1701- Private John J. Olliphant, 1 Ĺ Maxse St. Wounded left thigh.

984- Private Cecil Green, Trinity. Wounded left leg and left shoulder.

1011- Private James J. Kelly, Southside. Wounded scalp.

66- Private Frank Richardson, 68 Bannerman Street. Wounded right thumb.

1917- Private Edgar Wade, Elliston, T.B. Compound fracture, lower extremities.

Source: The Evening Telegram, July 7, 1916.


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