Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig

Pays Tribute to Newfoundland’s Gallant Sons

July 9th

The Soldiers of Newfoundland have won the highest praise which a Son of Britain can ever earn.
The Glory of it can never fade. The First of July when our heroes fought and fell, will stand for ever as the proudest day in the history of the Loyal Colony.

The Governor.

( No. 330. Telegram, received 9th July, 7.30 p.m.)

To Governor, Newfoundland:

Newfoundland may well feel proud of her sons. The heroism and devotion to duty they displayed on 1st July has never been surpassed. Please convey my deep sympathy and that of the whole of our armies in France in the loss of the brave officers and men who have fallen for the Empire, and our admiration of their heroic conduct. Their efforts contributed to our success, and their example will live.


Source: The Daily News, July 10, 1916



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