When these words were printed in The Evening Telegram on July 7, 1916 reports of the casualties that had been incurred by the Newfoundland Regiment had been reported for several days and the lists kept getting longer and longer. The Governor had the below printed to try and reassure the people of Newfoundland that their loved ones who were wounded should recover, however many more continued to die. The notice reminds us that in a time of crisis like this everyone was doing their best to deal with the situation the best that they could. The politicians, recruiters, clergy etc. were all doing the best they could to keep the attitude's of those who had lost someone to war, as well as the general populace, in a positive spin in order to not cause people to be against the war or harm their continuous recruiting campaign for the Regiment.


His Excellency’s Reassuring Words

Editor Evening Telegram

Dear Sir:- In forwarding the list of causalities His Excellency the Governor remarks that in his opinion our Regiment went forward under Machine Gun fire at short range. The bullets from the Machine Guns are small and go with great velocity and cicatrize the wound. Under these circumstances it is probable, therefore, that fully 90 percent of the wounded will recover. This is encouraging and the knowledge of such will no doubt help to allay the anxiety of the friends of those who have been reported as wounded.

Yours faithfully
J.R. Bennett
Colonial Secretary.

Source: The Evening Telegram, July 7, 1916


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