This front page headline on July 13, 1916, nearly two weeks after the fighting had taken place at Beaumont Hamel, gives the conclusion that the work that the Newfoundland Regiment had carried out at that battle was something that Newfoundland could be proud of. As indicated before from previous articles not all of the news and casualty lists were reported up to this point so the full extent of how many people were killed, missing or wounded was still not fully known.

*************************************************************************************************** Our Regiment Covered with Glory

LONDON, 4.30 this morning. – The Times’ Correspondent at the British Headquarters in France, sends the following:- “The Newfoundlanders were the only Overseas troops engaged in these operations. The story of their heroic part cannot yet be told in full, but when it is, it will make Newfoundland very proud. The Battalion pushed up to what may be called the third wave in the attack, probably the most formidable section of the whole German front, through an almost overwhelming artillery fire across the ground, which was swept by enfilading machine-gun fire from hidden positions. The men behaved with completely noble steadiness and courage.”

Source: The Daily News, July 13, 1916

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