Windermere’s message to the Montreal  Star is a tribute to the heroism of our boys that will ring down the ages. So long as Newfoundland endures its memory will remain. As Britons, all thrilled with pride when the message flashed across the ocean that the men had marched to battle “as calmly as on parade.” We knew our boys would faithfully and fearlessly do their duty, but now we know that this highest tribute one which seasoned veterans of a hundred fights might well hail with pride, was paid to Newfoundland’s Regiment. The cost has been terrible, but amid the heartbreak come the undying words,” Push on with it.” Here is a message to those of us, who stay at home. The work must be done. It is for the young men to prove their manhood; and for the older ones to recognize and do their duty, as opportunity offers. The women are doing their part. The words of Field Marshal Haig, the Nation’s Chieftain, will be cherished in many a homestead during succeeding generations. 'Windermere', Canada’s leading newspaper correspondent, adds emphasis to them.

Source: The Daily News, July 13, 1916

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