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On all Fronts

London, July 1- Successes for the Entente Allies on three of the most important European fronts. France, Italian theatre and the East Galicia are chronicled in the latest official communications. The French and British continue their raids against the Germans in France. The French again have captured Thiaumont work, north east of Verdun, and the British are keeping up their bombardments of German trenches and their incursions into German positions by means of raiding parties.

The Russians have taken Kolomea, an important railway junction leading to Lemberg in Galicia, while the Italians continue to advance against the Austrians in the Trentino region. The struggle for the possession of Thiaumont Wood, taken by the German Crown Prince’s forces from the French a week ago, was most severe, the position changing hands several times. Incessant fighting and violent bombardments marked the fighting on the remainder of the front around Verdun, particularly on the sector of Hill 304. The British are keeping up their tactics of destroying by artillery fire the German first and second line trenches from Ypres to Somme. It is unofficially reported the British are expending over a million shells a day this work. In addition to the capture of Kolomea the Russians also have taken the town of Obertin northeast of Kolomea and several other villages north and south of that point on the Russian front from the Galician border to region of Riga there have been battles at various points, but with no decisive results.

The Italians have taken Griso, and several mountain positions southeast of Trent and in their advance against the Austrians also captured nearly a thousand prisoners as well as stores, arms and munitions.

Source: The Daily News, July 2, 1916.


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