Notice in this news report from July 3 that there is no report of the casualties that were incurred during the opening of the Battle of the Somme however in the message from July 11 it was reported that the casualty list was the largest it had ever been and the majority of people on it were from the Newfoundland Regiment. These news reports once again illustrate the length of time that it took to report the news of the disaster back to Newfoundland at that time.


War News

Messages Received Previous to 9 a.m.


London July 3

The Governor of Newfoundland:

In the Somme fighting yesterday’s British reports announce the capture of a German trench labyrinth on a seven mile frontage to the depth of 1,000 yards.

The situation on either side of the Ancre valley is unchanged. Northward to Gommecourt we failed to retain some portions of the ground taken in the first attack. It is announced to-day that La Boiselle has been taken.

To-day the French report their advance continued south of the Somme five kilometres. Second line enemy trenches and the village of Herbecourt have been occupied. The total prisoners reported last night number 9,500. The details of the number of guns and munitions captured are not available.

In Verdun the Thiaumont work, which has frequently changed hands, is now held by the French. Damloup work was lost, but recaptured yesterday.

The Russians have captured Kolomea and are advancing westward. Heavy enemy attacks on the Lutsksalient have been repulsed. The total prisoners taken number about 220,000.

The Italian offensive is progressing favorably.


Causality List Heavy
London July 11

To-day’s causality list of British officers is the largest issued since the beginning of the offensive. It contains the names of 73 officers, many of whom belonged to the Newfoundland Contingent.

Source: The Evening Telegram, July 12, 1916


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