This letter was written before the battle took place at Beaumont Hamel on July 1st and therefore no one knew that a few weeks later that a large number of men from the Regiment would be killed and there would be a mass graveyard with men from the Newfoundland Regiment and a memorial park dedicated to them for the supreme sacrifice they paid on that day.


Honourable Colonial Secretary
            For information

13 June, 1916

                                                                                    Government House
                                                                                    St. Johnís, Nfld
                                                                                    13 June, 1916


I have the honour to suggest that some form of monument should be set up to mark the graves of those men of the Newfoundland Regiment who die in the United Kingdom.

I have specially in mind the grave at Wandsworth of 934 Pte. Heber Miles who died at Brooklandís Military Hospital, Weybridge, on March 18th, & whose grave was not turfed nor marked by a headstone when I last heard on May 29th.

There is probably a standard form of Headstone (such as we erected for the soldiers who fell in the South African War.)

If you could enquire from Fabian Ware ( Temp. Lieut. Colonel) who is specially charged with the duties of record officer of graves, he might furnish you with the particulars for guidance, especially if you mention my name.

If you can furnish me with an estimate of cost and the standard design. I should submit to my Ministers Government defraying the charge out of the War Chest.

Otherwise, I could arrange to defray the cost of the Memorials privately.

The headstone of those who fell in action will probably be provided by H.M. Government after the precedent of South Africa. 

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant


Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL

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