21th August, 1923

Bewersyde, St. Boswells, Scotland

Dear Colonel Nangle,

I have received your letter of 20th containing such a charming invitation to visit Newfoundland next year, and unveil your War Memorial on July 1st, that I feel I shall have to accede to your request! And so I write to accept your very kind invitation for my wife and myself. As I told you in London, I feel it a very great honour that you should ask me to carry out this very important duty, and I only hesitated to accept because I have been very busy and continually on the move ever since the War ended, and I rather wanted to have a quiet time in the old family home at Bewersyde which my fellow countrymen of the Empire gave me a little over a year ago. But as you point out, the voyage to Newfoundland is quite a short one, and so I hope not to be away from Scotland very long.

It is most kind of you to say that you will make all the traveling arrangements for us, and you ask if I would like to sail on a War Ship--- Personally I should prefer to travel as quietly and simply as possible.

Would you very kindly thank Sir. Wm. Allardyce for inviting us to stay at Government House during our visit, and say that we shall be very glad to avail ourselves of his kindness.

And with kind remembrances and renewed thanks for the honour you have done me.

I am,

Yours very sincerely,

 (Sgd.) HAIG

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL

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