March 4th 1918

 Dear Sir,

 The Hon. Mr. Justice Kent, Chairman of the Employment Committee, Newfoundland Patriotic Association, has drawn to the notice of the Government the necessity for taking steps to secure full recognition in all Government Departments of the rule that vacancies in the Civil Service should be filled by honourably discharged soldiers available. The Government are in thorough agreement with this principle and they desire that it shall be carried out.

 The Employment Committee are doing all in their power for those who have done their bit and have been honourably discharged but, unless some rule like the above is made, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the Committee to do its work successfully. I think you will agree with me that we cannot do too much for those who have risked their lives in our defence and for the safety of the Empire.

 The Government desire that, when a vacancy occurs in your Department, or in any sub-department or institution under your jurisdiction, notice of the same shall be given to the Secretary of the Employment Committee, who will then make every effort to secure a suitable man for the required position. This will enable the committee to look through their lists of eligibles and see if there is not one who would be quite competent and suitable for the vacant position.  If discharged men are not given a preference when openings in the Public Service occur, it will be difficult to urge their claim on private employers.

 Several cases have been reported to the Employment Committee recently, in which vacancies have been filled in the Public Service by other than men honourably discharged from His Majesty’s Forces, although the committee had on their list of applicants for employment the names of discharged soldiers who were suitable and competent to fill such vacancies. I feel sure that I have only to bring the matter to your attention to secure your loyal adhesion to the rule set forth in the beginning of this letter.

Yours truly,
Acting Colonial Secretary

Source: GN 2.14.115, The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL


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