When Newfoundland began its call to arms for new recruits to join the Regiment the men of the Colony were not long in signing up to assist with defending their King and Country and were quite willing to do so. The below is an example of some of the propaganda that was used to recruit young men into the Regiment after the first five hundred had been trained and sent into battle.



Your King and Country Need You.
Will you Answer Your Countryís Call?

At this very moment the Empire is engaged in the greatest War in this history of the World.

In this crisis your country calls on her young men to rally round Her Flag and enlist in the ranks of Her Army.

If every patriotic young man answers Her Call, Great Britain and the Empire will emerge stronger and more united than ever.

Newfoundland has already equipped and sent to the front her First Contingent, 540 strong. But we must not stop at this. Further drafts are urgently needed to reinforce our numbers on the battle line, and must be sent forward at the earliest possible moment.

Suitable Recruits between the ages 19 and 36 will be accepted and trained in drill and shooting so as to fit them for military service. They will then be formed into regular Companies of the Regiment, and will be given the option of volunteering for service abroad, if required, on the same terms and conditions as the men of the First Contingent.  Pay will commence when the men are actually enrolled for service abroad.

Recruiting offices will be opened in St. Johnís and at the offices of the different Magistrates and at other suitable places in the Colony, ( as to recruiting in case of doubt write to the Recruiting Officer, St. Johnís). Where not less than fifty men offer for enlistment at any recruiting center a drill instructor will, if possible, be sent to the district to train them.
Men of The Ancient and Loyal Colony, Show Your Loyalty NOW.


Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL


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