A Word of Welcome

On behalf of the Government and people of Newfoundland, the Civil Re-establishment Committee extends a hearty  welcome to you. Newfoundland is proud of the part you and your comrades in the various Forces have played in the great strife. She grieves that some can never return, and that some must return maimed. To you and all others who return every possible assistance will be given to enable you to become re-established once again in civil life. To this end, the Civil Re-Establishment Committee and the Department of Vocational Education have been organized. These pages will tell you something of what is planned for Ex-Service men. Read them carefully, and always remember that you are free to come or write to the Secretary at all times for information or advice, or for any assistance which you think you should have.

Be sure you visit the Re-Establishment Office at the time of your discharge.


 In arranging for your discharge, the Department of Defence will see that the following matters are attended to:-  

  1. A Temporary Discharge Certificate, if one is requested. The regular Discharge Certificate will be sent direct to you from England.

  2. Medical Board.

  3. Final Payments, including deferred Pay from Newfoundland Government Funds.

  4. Accommodation at point of discharge.

  5. Transportation to your home.

  6. Instructions as to reporting to the Civil Re-Establishment Office.

Be sure you are satisfied that all these points have been made clear to you.


 Pensions for disabled Ex-Service men are arranged for and paid by the Ministry for War Pensions in England. The Newfoundland War Pensions Commission simply acts as agent for the Ministry in England. Any pensioner may ask for a Medical Board, or make enquires as to whether or not he is eligible for a Pension.

Enquires in respect to Pensions should be addressed to:-
Mr. C.C. Oke,
Department of Public Health & Welfare.


 As indicated in the Word of Welcome, the Office of Civil Re-Establishment and Vocational Education has been organized to assist Ex-Service  men with their problems as they seek once again to take up the affairs of civil life. The Executive Secretary and his Staff will be very pleased to meet every returned man and discuss his problems with him.

 The chief matters with which the Office is concerned are:-

  1. Arrangements in connection with Clothing Allowance.

  2. Rehabilitation grants during period of sickness, unemployment or training.

  3. Arrangements for continuing interrupted Education.

  4. Vocational and Technical Training to fit men for Re-Establishment.

  5. Assistance in securing employment.

 In addition to these specific matters however, the officials will do everything possible to give advice and guidance in respect to any problem or difficulty which an Ex-Service man may have.

 Before you leave St. Johnís, be sure you come to the Civil Re-Establishment Office at

The Temple Building
339 Duckworth Street
St. Johnís

 Later, if you have any problems, write to Ė


 We want to keep in touch with you, and to assist you in any way we can.


 The Civil Re-Establishment Office is ready to work in close co-operation with any and every local organization interested in the welfare of returned men. If there is in your home community a branch of the N.P.A., W.P.A., G.W.V.A., Jubilee Guilds, or any such organization, you will find them only too pleased to assist you in picking up once again in the threads of civil life. Advice and encouragement from an organized group of your own friends and neighbors will very often help to smooth out difficulties and problems.

 Please keep this little booklet for reference. It will remind you that, in gratitude for your Service to humanity, your Country has a planned programme to assist you in your Civil Re-Establishment programs, and it will tell you to whom to go or write in connection with these.

Source: MG 592, Box 1, File # 6 - The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL


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