5th April, 1916

Dear Sir

Referring to your letter regarding the forwarding of mail to the Boys on the other side of the Water, I beg to say that the matter is receiving a great deal of attention both from the Authorities here and those in England. It is impossible almost to have everything go right, but the utmost care is exercised, and just now a new set of postal arrangements in respect to the Newfoundland Regiment has been formulated, approved by the Imperial Authorities and will now be published by the Postmaster General. It is hoped that under these new arrangements letters may go more safely and reach the Boys. I quite agree with you that we should do all possible for those who have given their lives and are endeavouring to do their bit against the common enemy. If you find your boy does not receive the money order, it would be well for you to communicate with the Postmaster General here about it. If he does not receive the five pounds you cabled him, it would be well for you to communicate with the Bank, through whom, I presume, you sent the money. I really cannot understand how the letter went astray.

Yours truly

Colonial Secretary

Mr. Reuben Bursey

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL


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