This letter from a student who is from Newfoundland but is studying in the United States of America shows that no matter where Newfoundlanders are located they are true to their home and were willing to do anything to help the cause during the First World War. This man and his friend were both willing to give up their pursuit of higher education to come back to Newfoundland to join a second contingent that was being raised to send into battle.


V.C. Dawe
511 Union Street
Indiana U.S.A

Dec 3rd/14

Hon R. Watson
Colonial Secretary

Dear Sir:-

My friend Augustus Parsons, and myself both of Bay Roberts N.F.L.D are here studying at the University. We have heard that Newfoundland is raising a second volunteer contingent and would like to join it. As you see, we are a considerable distance from home and would like to know the conditions regarding the payment of fares. In case of our not passing the medical examination, what arrangements are made respecting my passage expense to and from?

For our identification I should like to refer you to the Rev. Field of Bay Roberts. Kindly reply as soon as convenient.

Yours truly
Victor C. Dawe

If your organization is for home defence, will you refer us to some authority, say at Halifax with whom we may communicate for service abroad as that is the service we desire. Please inform on this point as well as you can.

Yours truly
Victor C. Dawe 

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL




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