Jan 22nd/18

Hon J.R. Bennett
Acting Minister of Militia

St. Johnís


Kindly inform me whether three months notice (pe. Ed. Act) is necessary when a teacher wishes to resign his position to enlist.

I would be very thankful if you could give me this bit of  information as soon as possible.

I have the honour to be, Sir
Your obedient Servant
R.F. Inkpen


Jan 29th, 1918

Hon. W.W. Halfyard,
Acting Colonial Secretary


The enclosed is a communication from Mr. R.F. Inkpen of Channel, asking whether it is necessary to give notice of his resignation as teacher for the purpose of enlistment.

This matter is not one which is competent for me to decide; but is, rather, one which comes under your Dept. as head of the educational organization.

I would be glad if you would reply to Mr. Inkpen direct in respect to this.

Yours faithfully,

J.R. Bennett

Acting Minister of Militia

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL


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