First Newfoundland Regiment

Attestation Paper

Regimental No. 76

Name in full: William Roost             Age: 21
Address: 26 James St.
Married:              Height: 5' 7"1/4            Weight: 129
Color: Fair            Hair: Sandy      Eyes: Blue
Other distinguishing marks: -
Nearest relative: Mother, Bridget Knox
Address: 26 James St.
Dependents: None
Occupation: Painter             Present Wage: 7.20 per week
Previous Service:
General Remarks:
Date of Enlistment:

I, William Roost, do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty and that I will faithfully serve His Majesty in any place where I may be needed (or in the Colony of Newfoundland as the case may be) against all his enemies and opposers whatsoever according to the conditions of my service

William Roost

Declared before me this 1st day
of October 1914

Arthur Raley

Descriptive Report On Enlistment

Reg. No. 76

Name: William Roost
Apparent Age 21 years_months   Height_5_feet_7 1/4_inches
                                     Girth when fully expanded ___ inches
Chest measurement
                                     Range of expansion____inches
Distinctive marks  Color: Fair, Hair: Sandy, Eyes: Blue

Information Supplied by Recruit

Name and Address of next of kin, Bridget Knox, 26 James St., St. John's               Relationship:   Mother

Particulars as to Marriage
(a) Christian and Surname of Women to whom married, and whether spinster or widow (b) Place and date of marriage (c) Present address (d) Initials of Officer verifying entry

(a)            (b)             (c)             (d)

Particulars as to Children.
Christian Names                         Date and Place of Birth

Statement Of The Services

Service towards limited engagement reckons from 2/9/14

Joined at St. John's on 2nd September '14

Embarked S.S. Florizel U.K. 3/10/14,  V.D. 20/9/15, Promoted to Lt. Cpl 27/2/16, Embarked Plymouth for N.E.F 20/8/15, Disembarked Alexandria, entrained for Cairo 31/8/15, Embarked for Gallipoli at 13/9/15, Ad. Stat Hosp, 20/9/15, Discharged Hosp. 20/11/15, Rejoined Batt. Suez 26/1/16, Embarked Pt. Lewfik for B.E.F. 14/3/16. Disembarked Marseilles 22/3/16. Wounded Beaumont Hamel 1/7/16; Admitted Wandsworth G.S.W. R. Shoulder 4/7/16 Discharged Hosp. L. Duty 25/7/16 proceeded to B.E.F. 1/12/17. Killed in action 2/3/17


Nov 12 1916
Barters Hill

To Capt Timewell c/o Pay & Record Office

Dear Sir,

I sincerely trust you will excuse me for troubling you but I want to know if it would be so good as I use your influence in getting my son William Roost # 76 of the 1st Newfoundland Regiment be sent across to England with the 1st 500 man and has not had a furlough since I am sorry to trouble you but my health of late is not the best and I would  so much  like to see him just once again you will ever have my gratitude if you would just try and grant my request.  I feel I am intruding too much on your valuable time but you no its only the request of a mother to see her child.

Again thanking you in anticipation

I am earnestly
Bridget Knox
(mother of #76 William Rooest

Note: Mrs. Knox did not get to see her son again as she had requested as he was killed in action on March 2, 1917.

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL

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