A Tribute to our Noble Officers

Greetings from the Western Front

Message from B.M. Stone

Complaints from Pte. Halliday

Excerpts from the Diary of Owen Steele

Written memories of Arthur F. Osmond

Message  from Noah Lidstone

Letter concerning Prisoners of War

Letter from Reuben George, 1919

Letter from Reuben Small

Letters from Lester Barbour

Letter concerning Mark Hutchings, April 18th, 1916

Letter to Capt. Montgomerie, May 12th, 1916

Letter from Darious Bassell, June 13, 1916

Letter from Andrew, June 28th, 1916

Letter to Mrs. Ayre regarding Burn

Message regarding the death of E. S. Ayre

Letter to Mrs. Ayre regarding the death of B. P. Ayre

Letter to Mrs. Ayre from Jack Patten, July 10th, 1916

Letter from W.J.J. Moore to Hon. J.R. Bennett

Letter to Mrs. Eric S. Arye, September 25th, 1916

Letter from Mr. J.R. Collins, August 15, 1916

Letter from Mrs. M. J. Adey, August 29th, 1917

Letter from E. Pollett Ward, May 18th, 1917

Letter from Mrs. William Coish, April 30th, 1918

Letter from John McGrath, June 21st,1918

Letter from John Colbert, June 23rd, 1918

Letter to David England, March 28th,1918

Letter from Richard King May 16th, 1919

Letter from Richard King October 1st, 1919

Letter from Richard King, March 25th, 1920

Letter concerning Pte. Arthur Maidment, July 22nd, 1919

Letter to P.H. Hudson, December 9th, 1919

Letter from P.H. Hudson, March 25th, 1920

Letter from Mrs. Noah George, July 16th, 1920

Correspondence regarding William Roost

Correspondence regarding Roland Lacey

Correspondence regarding John Lukins

Letter from J.M. Lind regarding his brother Frank Lind

Letters published in the Daily News

Ages of soldiers killed from the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during World War One




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