In the field, December 26th, 16


Wishing you A Right Merry Xmas And A Happy and Prosperous 1917

From Bert Miller

Our Colonial Anthem:
By Sir Cavendish Boyle, K.C.M.G

When sun rays crown thy pine-clad hills,
And when summer spreads her hand,
When silvern voices tune they rills,
We love thee, smiling land.

When blinding storm gusts fret they shore,
And wild waves lash they strand;
Through spindrift swirl and tempest roar
We love thee, wind-swept land.

When spreads they cloak of shimmering white
At winterís stern command;
Through shortened day and starlit night,
We love thee, frozen land.

As loved our fathers, so we love,
Where once they stood, we stand;
Their prayer we raise to Heaven above
God guard thee, Newfoundland.

To Mrs. Miller


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