First Newfoundland Regiment

Attestation Paper

Regimental No. 547

Name in full: John Lukins              Age: 26
Address: 12 Bell Street
Married: M             Height:             Weight: 133
Color: Dark             Hair: Black        Eyes: Brown
Other distinguishing marks: right thumb scar
Nearest relative: Wife, Mary Lukins
Address: 12 Bell St.
Dependents: Wife, 3 children
Occupation: Clerk               Present Wage: 10.00 per week
Previous Service:
General Remarks:
Date of Enlistment:

I, John Lukins, do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty and that I will faithfully serve His Majesty in any place where I may be needed (or in the Colony of Newfoundland as the case may be) against all his enemies and opposers whatsoever according to the conditions of my service

(Signed) John Lukins

Declared before me this first day
of October 1914


Descriptive Report On Enlistment

Reg. No. 547

Name: John Lukins
Apparent Age 26 years____months   Height___feet__inches
                                     Girth when fully expanded ___ inches
Chest measurement
                                     Range of expansion____inches
Distinctive marks  Color: Dark, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown
Other distinguishing marks:  Right thumb, scar

Information Supplied by Recruit

Name and Address of next of kin, May Lukins, 12 Bell St
Relationship, Wife

Particulars as to Marriage
(a) Christian and Surname of Woman to whom married, and whether spinster or widow (b) Place and date of marriage (c) Present address (d) Initials of Officer verifying entry

(a)            (b)             (c)             (d)

Particulars as to Children.
Christian Names                         Date and Place of Birth

Statement Of The Services

Service towards limited engagement reckons from 16/9/14

Joined at St. John's on 16th September '14

Embarked S.S. Florizel for UK 3 10/14. Embarked for ? 20/8/15  Disembarked in train for Cairo 31/8/15 Embarked for Gallipoli 13/9/15 Landed Sulva Bay night of 19-20 Sept 15.  Embarked Port Seuz 14/3/16, Disembarked Marseilles 22/3/16, Bomb wound France 28/6/16.


Mrs. J White
96 Eastland Rd
Newtown, Yeovil

Dear Sir

I am writing to enquire of my two nephews of the 1st Newfoundland Reg as I saw the name of one of them on Mondays Paper being killed named J. Lukins No. 547 which is his correct number and name and we are very anxious about the other brother name G. Lukins will you kindly send us word of anything concerning the end of the one killed or of the safety of  the other one his number is 544.

Yours truly,
Mrs. White

547 J. Lukins killed in action

544 G. Lukins no report



C.2. Casualties.                        War Office
No. P.M. 39 E.                           Finsbury Court
                                                    Finsbury Pavement,
                                                    London, E.C. 2.

18th June, 1918

The Secretary of the War Office requests that you will be good enough to return this letter as early as possible, with a statement in the margin showing whether the following report, received in an official German list of dead, could be found to apply to 544 Pte. G. Lukins, Newfoundland Regt., "Luking J., Rank and Regt. unknown, fell on the 28/6/16 in a British reconnaissance South of Beaumont Hamel, from shot wound, heart.

Please state the date on which Pte. Lukins became missing.

Pay & Record Office
58 Victoria St. S.W. 1,
20th June, 1918

547 Pte. J. Lukins, 1/Bn., Royal Newfoundland Regt., was reported killed in action on 28/6/16, near Beaumont Hamel during a raid on the German lines.  He was not posted as missing.
A brother, No. 544 Pte. G. Lukins was posted missing on 1/7/16, and his place of burial has since been reported.

Chief Paymaster & O.i/c Major Records

P.O. Box 621
St. John's, Nfld
July 12,1916

Officer Commanding,
Graves Registration Commission
Canadian Corps , France

Dear Sir,

Pardon the liberty I am taking in addressing these few lines to you, but I heard I could get particulars of Soldiers Graves from your Department and would like to know if such is correct.
My Husband, John Thomas Lukins, #547 - A Company, 1st Newfoundland Regiment was killed somewhere in France June 28/1916 and



if I am not taking up too much of your time would like to know if I could get a photograph of his grave, he, poor boy, is buried so far away that I will never be able to see or visit his grave unless I succeed in getting a photo of it, which would be a great consolation to me, and his darling little children, who are now too young to realize their great loss.

If you cannot give me any particulars of his grave would you be kind enough to let me know who to apply to for same.
Thanking you in advance for any information you can give me, I remain,

Yours in Deepest Sorrow,

(Mrs. Mary. Lukins).

Note: The above is an example of some papers that would be contained in a member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiments Service Files.

Pte. J. Lukins was killed in a mission on June 28, 1916 when he was out on a German raid that was taking place prior to July 1, 1916. His brother George was killed a few short days later during the actual battle that took place on July 1, 1916.

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL

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