The Rectory

Spaniardís Bay
April 18/16

The Hon J. R. Bennett

Dear Sir

On behalf of the father of Mark Hutchings of Spaniardís Bay I am writing to secure the release of the lad from Military Service.

Unknown to his father Mark went to Harbour Grace & attesting falsely to Judge ok., secured from him a railway pass to St. Johnís and enlisted the week before last at the C.L.B armory.

The enclosed certificate shows that the lad- so keen to do his part- is but sixteen years of age. He cannot be therefore sufficiently developed to long endure the strain upon the physical & nervous system demanded by active service.

Had the boy been of legal age the father would have been in perfect accord with his sons wish to enlist but under the circumstances of his enlistment he feels he cannot give his consent until Mark has reached the age of 18.

Thanking you to move in the matter.

Believe me

Yours faithfully

Adrian C. Clench.


I hereby certify that Mark Hutchings of Spaniardís Bay son of Mark and Elizabeth Hutchings was born at Spaniardís Bay on February 5th, 1900 and baptized by Rev. T.P. Quinton on Feb 9th. Also that these names & dates were extracted from the Church Register of the Parish of Spaniardís Bay of which register I am the legal custodian.

April 17-1916

Adrian C. Clench
(Rector of Spaniardís Bay)

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL

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