In some cases once a soldier had passed away the next of kin in the family was eligible to receive a pension. An application would have to be completed to determine eligibility however if there should be any other able bodied men in the family that could work to support those that remained the chances of having a pension approved would not be very good. Such was the case with the relatives of Pte. Arthur Maidment when his mother made the request to receive a pension. As she had three single sons who were capable of working and assisting their mother it was determined that she was not eligible for collecting a pension.


St. Johnís July 22nd 1919

The Honourable,
            The Colonial Secretary.

Dear Mr. Bennett:

In reply to your letter of June 13th dealing with the case of No. 2910 Pte. Arthur Maidment of Trinity. I have the honour to inform you that the balance of the estate of this soldier, amounting to $38.05 was paid to Mrs. Margaret Maidment on February 23rd 1918.

Under the regulations governing War Service Gratuity, no payments are issuable to the next of kin of deceased soldiers. I have also had this matter referred to the Board of Pension Commissioners who state that this case has been under their consideration, and in view of the fact that Mrs. Maidment has three single sons, all of whom are of age, they regret that they cannot award a pension. It would seem, therefore, that there are no further payments due Mrs. Maidment.

Yours faithfully,

A. E. Hickman

Minister of Militia

Source: GN 2.14.213, The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL



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