28th June 1916

My dear Mother

Hope you Agnes & Hero ? are all well and having a nice time. Glad you have let the house and won't be bothered with it for a while. We are having fair weather but it rains every other day for sometime. I am quite well. We have been having quite a time of it a few weeks back but everything points to big things soon again. Ross is a kind of down hearted as he believes his brother went up when they blew a mine on the 28th. He has no account of him since . Gen writes me all the time and is well but misses Eric. Poor child she says he finds everything interesting, they all do at first. I hope he goes back to her safe & sound, she would feel it so much if they got him. They tell me the mail is to be stopped after the 30th. There is no leave so I donít expect to get over. I can tell you so little but that I am really fine & having everything I want. I hope you are all as well off. Heard from Mrs. Chamberlain yesterday. She is well and was at Bantyye. When you get this you will be getting ready for the country and with good weather you will all have a great time.

Now dear old mother take good care of yourself & donít worry. We all feel that we will see you in time for the harvest. There will be a big do before I write again & I will tell you all about it. Lots of love & donít forget Aggie & her boys.

Nothing else to tell you we go in tonight for 6 days.

Your loving son

Source: COLL- 158 2.01.001, Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL




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