Red Head Cove
June 13 í18

Dear Sir

I received your kind letter of sympathy and thank you very much for yours and the Governments words of consolation in this our time of sorrow. We must all some day leave this world when the call from God comes as my boy was called to an early grave and leaves me in sorrow to mourn his loss. I feel it a honour for myself as well as for him to know that he died a soldier and obliged the call of duty and as you said I hope he is now wearing the soldiers crown of victory given him by God and cannot be equalled by any earthly Crown even if all the jewels and precious stones of earth were brought together. Death I know will come to each and every one of us someday and happy for us then if we will be found doing our duty as our brave boys have done and are still doing and will I hope continues to do until a crowning victory or a just peace settles the conflict that is still raging. Then as you say when the war ends with victory for our allies I hope we will all realize more clearly what a noble part the brave boys of Newfoundland have played as well as those from all the other Dominions but had we taken no part in defence of the motherland and the peace of the Whole World we would have to take a back seat and listen to the boast of our neighbouring Dominions but it will be a pride and a boast for NFLD to be able to say that in the times of trouble when the enemy threatened to sweep rough shod to the end of the earth that every man of  military age and physically fit was found a hero ready to die for his country.  Although my poor boy is gone and Iíve had my full share of trouble all through the years. Iím glad he died doing his duty. Hoping this cruel war will soon be over and again thanking you and the whole of the Government for your kind words of sympathy.

I remain yours
John Colbert

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL



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