The letters below once again shows the dependence of families upon the young men who were gone off to fight in the war. In the case below the mothers have asked for the return of their sons to assist with getting some extra financial help for the family. It would appear that the case in relation to Mrs. Adey's request for the return of her son was not granted as she writes her own letter in August as a follow up to the first letter that was sent on her behalf in May.  Mrs. Adey says that if she is unable to get the support she needs (nursing assistance) she would like for her son to be returned home to earn an income to take care of her as the allotment that he has taken out of his pay from serving in the Regiment is not enough to cover her expenses.


Aug 29/17

Hon. R. A Squires
Colonial Secretary

Dear Sir:-

Hon R.T. McGrath on my leaving St. Johnís, very ill and not expecting to live, promised to send me money to pay for and help support a nurse ( Mrs. Morris) but up to the present time I have received nothing. It is impossible for me to pay for medicine and support out of my boys ( Kenneth Driscoll) allotment money. Than there is the Doctor to pay.

If you cannot manage to fulfill promise you will have to make arrangements to send my boy back home to earn for me.

Please let me hear from you on the matter as soon as possible.

Yours respectfully

( Mrs) M. J. Adey.

Source: GN 2.14.137, The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's,NL

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