This poor mother took it upon herself to have her daughter, who was probably not that old given the writing, the spelling mistakes and the run on sentences, write directly to the King concerning why she was not getting a pension like other mother's were who had lost their sons in the First World War. The letter actually reached Buckingham Palace as can be seen by the stamp on the letter. It is not known however what the response to the letter was although the stamp does indicate that it had not been acknowledged so it no doubt got sent back to the appropriate officials in St. John's.

Please note that this letter has been transcribed exactly as it appears in the original handwritten letter.


Fosters Point

His Majesty
July 16/7/20

King George

I am writing to you to know where the mothers gets a pension in England what got there sons lying in France for I donít get neither pension nor nothing it is a wonderful sight  to look at for Newfoundland Boys to fight to save England and loss there own lives and we poor mothers not to get a cent it now over 2 years and I havenít received one cent from the Regiment he joined the Regiment 1915 he wosent drove there he went with his own good will to do what he could he wosent like lots went across and never seen it he worked tell someone belong to old kaises killed him and it makes me mad today when I thinks about it his name was Joshua L. George no 2015 and the head ones is making a fortune in Newfoundland and the mothers nothing I wants a pension for my poor boys life supposing it is only 50 dollars a month so my poor boy lost his life in France for sake of King and country so he lost his life and that means something neither one of the others wont loss there life's for nothing what ever comes he was a good help to me he was alive and I misses the one is writing this is my little girl is called after the Queen Alexandra there was lots of people got a present but I got nothing if you is our good King George you well answers this in a good way.

Yours truly
Mrs. Noah George
Fosters Point

God bless our King and the Royal family.

Source: GN 2.14.256 The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL



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