9th December, 1919

Dear Mr. Hudson

You will perhaps remember that sometime ago I communicated with you regarding the Memorial Card for Mr. Richard King, of New Bonaventure, T.B., in respect of his late son, No. 2630, Lance-Corporal H.A. King, who was killed in action on April 13th, 1918, and I received an assurance from you that the matter would receive attention, and the card forwarded. I am now in receipt of a communication from Mr. King, in which he states that the Memorial Card has not reached him, which information has occasioned me considerable surprise, as I felt that upon the matter being drawn to your attention, as it was by me some time ago, you would have arranged that this card would be forwarded at the earliest possible moment. Mr. King very naturally feels aggrieved at not having received the card, especially as his neighbors have received theirs in good time and I would again ask you to have this matter looked into, ascertain whether the card has been sent or not, and if it has, to take immediate steps in order that it may be traced, as from Mr. King’s letter it would appear that it has not reached him.

Your early attention to this matter will be very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,  

P.H. Hudson, Esq.,                                                       Deputy Colonial Secretary
C/- Ayre & Sons, Limited


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