Moreton's Harbour
Nov 16

Dear Sir

I hear that some of the boys at the front is going to be let off on furlough.

Will sir if any of them deserves rest our boy George do.

We have only two boys & both of them have enlisted in the King’s Army. George have been there nearly three years & Fred this fall so you see he is gone to take Georges place so that he can come home for a little while. You see sir when no on else would not go from this place to help fill the vacant places our second & last boy answered the call. Now sir if you have anything to do with those that may be let off for a rest would you kindly speak a word for No. 1516 Pte. George Small

Moretons Harbour
Notre Dame Bay

Yours very truly,

Reuben Small

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives, St. John's, NL



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