Sept 25th 1916

Mrs. Eric S. Arye


At our last regular monthly convocation held on Sept 22nd. all business was suspended, and the enclosed Resolution was proposed by Wor. Bro. Hon. J.A. Robinson, P.M. seconded by Wor. Bro. R.F.Goodridge, P.M. and passed by the Brethren standing, whilst the Dead March in Saul was played by Brother Organist.

I regret I cannot convey to you the eloquent speech with which the Worshipful Brother introduced his motion; his remarks touched the hearts of all present, and made us realize more than ever, all that our gallant fighters are enduring, even  to the Supreme Sacrifice itself, to uphold the Honor of our Empire.

Fraternal yours

W.Baker (Signed)


Source: COLL- 158 6.02, Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL


BE IT RESOLVED that at this convocation of Lodge Whiteway, No 3541 E.C.A.F. and A.M. the first held since the battle of Beaumont Hamel, in which the First Newfoundland Regiment enriched the Newfoundlanders’ heritage by their courage, loyalty and devotion, the Lodge express its gratitude and pride, and also its deep sorrow because of the lives lost and the suffering endured. Especially does the Lodge grieve because of the promotion of two if its most valued and beloved members, Captain Eric S. Ayre and Lieut. Frederick C. Mellor, both of whom fell heroically on the field of honour whilst facing overwhelming odds in the forefront of the fray on July 1st 1916, a day which will ever remain memorable in the history of this Island and of this Lodge for the gallantry of her sons and of our brethren, who counted not their lives dear unto them, when weighed in the balance against the liberties and the honour of the Empire, its safety and the happiness of its people.

That the lodge tender its deep sympathy with the young wife of Capt. Ayre whose bridal wreath has been thus submitted by a coronal of glory but alas of grief; and also to the mother whose heart is yearning for the two brave boys, only and well beloved sons, who answered the Immortal Roll Call on the same day in the fields of France. May the Great Architect of the Universe the mystery and intricacies of whose designs only eternity will unravel, bring to her consolation, resignation and strength. May the heroism of her boys, the beauty of their lives and the nobility of their sacrifice be to her an inspiration and a pride, may she realize that though dead they yet speak, and that whilst death divides there is a union Beyond.

That copies of the foregoing resolution be sent to the wife and mother of Capt. Ayre.

Source: COLL-158 6.02, Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL


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